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"..Guaranteed Goosebumps..." ~Trend Journal

Ray's Trip to Minden, Germany in Nov & Dec 2006

Wow.  What a great trip.  We were jokingly calling this trip the "Caipirinha Tour" because I played at several ENCHILADAs.  They are a chain of Tex/Mex restaurants all over Germany that specialize in Caipies!  These photos are from those gigs.  Also a poster (>) from another place I played called Destille in Bückeburg, Germany.  The manager there is a great guy and really did a lot to promote the shows.

Poster from gig at Destille in Bueckeburg Germany in Dec!

From Enchilada, Münster, Germany

Ray on stage in Germany View from the stage in Münster at Enchilada Ray Pasnen at Ebchilada in Münster, Germany The manager of the night, Klaus Barduhn!  This is only a joke if you are the tax man!

DJ Andre.  Thanks for getting me the gig, Andre! Ray and two ladies at Enchilada Münster Ray and a girl from Sweden.  I can't remember her name. Singing with the crowd in Deutschland

From Maria's Taverna, Minden, Germany

The happy couple. Ray and Gerd at Maria's Taverna Minden Germany Maria and daughter tending bar and cooking at Maria's Taverna

Maria and audience Ray and Michael Ray and ....

Maria dancing Mmmm... gut Jaegermeister! The new band ray and Reiholdt.

Jam session at Maria's Maria playing guitar! What, Me?  No No No - YOU!

 Ray and Speedy Ray and Speedy II Luba Maria and friend

Speedy and Gerd Gerd jamming with Speedy Ray Pasnen in Minden Germany

 Take it Speedy :-) !! The drunkards - Ray and Michael at Maria's Taverna Minden Germany Reinhold and Michael ar Maria's Taverna Minden Germany

From Enchilada, Minden, Germany

Ray Pasanen live in GermanyRay At Enchilada in Minden GermanyCrowd member in GermanyRay Pasnen at Enchilada in Minden Deutschland

What is a Caipirinha

Photo of CaipirinhaCaipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail made with fresh fruit, ice, some sugar and Cachaça, pronounced IPA. Cachaça is Brazil's most common spirit, a distilled alcohol product made from sugar cane similar to rum.

In Brazil, "Caipirinhas" are served in basically all restaurants, bars and most households. So, it is considered the national Brazilian drink.

Its simplicity and tangy sweetness have made it popular all over the world[citation needed], and it is considered by the International Bartenders Association to be one of the 50 greatest drinks of all time[citation needed]. The word "Caipirinha" itself is the diminutive version of the word "caipira", which refers to someone from the countryside. The drink's name is used as masculine and feminine word and thus literally means "country person". However, a Brazilian never thinks of a "country person" when ordering a "Caipirinha". In the mind of a Brazilian, the word "Caipirinha" is only associated with the drink itself[citation needed].

Throughout Brazil, the Caipirinha is more than the conventional Cachaça cocktail made with cut limes, sugar and ice[citation needed]. For Brazilians today, "Caipirinhas" are a complete line of cocktails made with just about any fresh fruits, some sugar and ice, and there are even those that are made with a creamy base of dairy or even soy. In addition to the usual lime cocktail, popular "Caipirinhas" are made with kiwi, passion fruit, pineapple, berries and even grapes[citation needed].

Brazilians consume Caipirinhas in almost all social events[citation needed] and it is a favorite for beach parties and barbecues among family and friends[citation needed].