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We might get loud but don't be scared... we call it sitting in the Jaegermeister chair! Song by Ray Pasnen

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The Jägermeister Chair

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How it begins. Sitting drinking Jäger at The Swizzle Inn.
A good night with a couple cool hotties feeling just right.
A little vodka, a little bit of rum
Always help to make the night feel a little bit more fun.

But when we want the party running at full throttle
we reach into the freezer for that green glass bottle.
We might get loud but don't be scared...
we call it sitting in the Jägermeister chair.

Ring the bell, buy a round
Tell the band to make a little sound.
We'll get wild up on the table
when we drink from the bottle with the orange label.
Do you believe that I forget sometimes what we've done there?
But it's only when my friends and I all set
in the Jägermeister chair.

The Jaegermeister Chair / Throne at The Swizzle Inn in Bermuda - built by Chris Warburton.Do me a favor, find me a place where the house wine is really Jaeger.
It makes it that much easier to love thy freaking neighbor.
Many times a Jäger-bomb can take the edge off a day.
And makes it much more interesting, those things you have to say.


    This is the hunter's badge of glory
    protect the land and preserve the quarry.
    Hunt with honor as is your due
    and through the beast, to God be true...


About The Jaegermeister Chair

In May 2011, Chris Warburton, a manager at The Swizzle Inn in Bermuda, started saving the Jaegermeister bottles that were being emptied on a nightly basis by me (the entertainer, Ray Pasnen,) and the Swizzle's patrons including the unofficial GM, Dicky King.  :)  Over the next two summers, this came out to a total of more than 260 empty bottles.  Chris knew what to do with them.  One day in late 2012 he came to me and said, "I want to build a big, kick-ass throne from all the empty Jaeger bottles lying around.  "So", he says, "...can you write me a song about it?"

So... now you know why the song was written.  Thanks to Chris for giving me something about which to write (I just can't bring myself to say the word, 'inspiration'). 

The Jagermeister Chair - music about Jagermeister.Thanks to Dicky King for getting the Jaegermeister machine and to these folks for helping to drink all the cold Jaeger: Jay, Trey, Shay, Dre, Ray, Carolyn, Caroline, Frankie, Kenny, Frankie, Kenny, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Red, Robert, Jason, Robbie, Dick, Slippery, Charlie, Chris, Ricky, Lacey, Stefan, John, Andre, Chicago, Graham, Ian, Max, David, Big Dog,Ry-Man, Al (Dicky's brother), Bounce, Martin, Eddie, Alfred...  (more?)

Just goes to show, do what you know!  ;)

~R (1/28/2013)

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The Jägermeister Chair

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