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We might get loud but don't be scared... we call it sitting in the Jaegermeister chair!

"..Guaranteed Goosebumps..." ~Trend Journal

Download The Jaegermeister Chair song

You can listen to the mp3 for free all you want at myspace but if you want to download the CD quality version of the song and take it with you, it's only a dollar!  We'll call it a dollar in the tip cup!  :)  Thanks!

Only $1 to have the song on all of your devices!

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You do not need to have an account at PayPal to pay with any debit/credit card!  Just click the "Pay as Guest" option!

The payment confirmation page (you will see it just after the final payment click) has a link to download the song for use on all of your devices. (iPhone, iPad, mp3 players, burn it to CDs, keep it on your computer and play it  over and over again.  Whatever.)  There are .WAV & mp3 files!

The Jaegermeister Chair by Ray Pasnen.

Thanks for the contribution!  I will keep 'em coming!


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