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Lyrics to Ray Pasnen Songs

A few lyrics to some of my songs.  I have also tried to add some accurate chord explanations.  The chords as written are as close as I can come to explaining them.  You may need to try several voicings as I use several varying throughout many songs.  Perhaps one day I will be able to put a video of myself playing some of these.  If there is a song that I have written and you don't see it here, just send me an email as I will, most likely, need some prodding to get this page rounded out.

That is me in the middle!  circa 1989 A.D.  I was 19.
Photo of Choice tape cover - 1989 AD


Song list


AC/DC-Elton John


George Jones-ZZ Top

Lyrics: Ray Pasnen Songs Ray at Maria's Take it Speedy Maria & Daughter Ray at Maria's Maria and lady Ray & Michael Ray's New Girl Maria Jaegermeister Ray & Reinholdt Ray & Michael Reinhold & guitar The Happy Couple ME Maria & Reinhold Speedy & Ray Speedy and Gerd Speedy and Gerd Speedy Gerd II Ray at Maria's Ray & Gerd Perth Pemberton Margaret River Western Australia Photos. Stadt1

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Lyrics: Ray Pasnen Songs

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