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  • Aldridge Steffensen posted an update 5 months ago

    How much is Insurance for a 17-year old normally?

    Are insurance policies secure…?

    Where may I get inexpensive healthinsurance in NY being an individual with a reasonably low-deductible & low-premium?

    “I had been in a vehicle accident about the last of september and a red went. My car was struck by him and totaled it making me injured and today unemployed for almost monthly. The authorities record was provided for both insurances (quarry & his) stating he is at fault. i and my insurance (state park) have tried calling his AAA adviser repeatedly and so they still haven’t called back. I’ve also called the director with no delivered call from her aswell. Ive asked my insurance and so they ostensibly told me to attend for them to contact. Im getting impatient was just wondering if anybody else has ever had this dilemma

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