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Photos, videos, a poster and complete albums.  Photos open in new windows.  Feel free to save the photos  & use them as needed.  Do the same with the songs.  They are free to use for promotional purposes!  Rays Biography

Ray Pasnen – Live – Video

Background movie for nightclubs

Music (full songs, good quality, suitable for radio play)

“Human Race”

The Child In You And Me
Am I Losing You
Forever Lost Its Meaning
She’s The Lady
Human Race
Talk It Over
The End of Love

“Live in Bermuda”
Disc One:
1.   Intro
2.   Layla
3.   No Woman, No Cry
4.   Fast Car
5.   Margaritaville
6.   Rock and Roll
7.   Lucille
8.   Devil Went Down to Georgia
9.   How’s your Whole…
10. A Little Help From My Friends
11. All My Rowdy Friends
12. I Feel Good
13. Rodeo Song
14. Dream On
15. Perfect Country & Western Song
Disc Two:

1.   Call Me Al
2.   Phoopa – Island Jam
3.   Basil – Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay & My Girl
4.   Brown Eyed Girl
5.   Blow Me
6.   Tom – Wild Rover & Irish Folk Song
7.   American Pie & Life is a Highway
8.   The Gambler
    * Ray’s Original Songs:

9.   As Far As You Want Me To Go
10. Last Last Chance
11. Good Bye
12. Dance of a Lifetime

“Music From The Mill”

Eleanor Rigby
Jack and Diane
Forever Lost Its Meaning
Redemption Song
Downeaster Alexa
Copperhead Road
A Woman Like You
Old Man
Take It Easy
Walking in Memphis
In Your Eyes
Dance of a Lifetime

Live music!

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