Am I Losing You lyrics – Ray Pasnen

I don’t know, I can see it in your eyes
The looks you’re giving me they make me realize
I don’t know, but it seems that when you’re near
The uncertainties surrounding us are filling me with fear
And I don’t know, I can feel it in the air
Something keeps telling me that you just won’t be there
And I just want to know…

(Am I losing you) Am I losing you
(Am I losing you) I don’t want to let you go
(Am I losing you) Tell me baby
(Am I losing you) Am I losing you

I’m afraid you’ll make me want to cry
I don’t want you leaving me so please don’t say good-bye
And I’m afraid I don’t fit in your plans
These game you play with me are more than I can stand
And I’m afraid you’ll push my dreams aside
The time is now don’t make me run and hide
I just want to know…


Ever since I met you you’ve been on my mind
But that was oh so long ago
Now I realize that things just aren’t the same
And now I just need to know…

Guitar solo


Am I Losing You – Ray Pasnen

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