Train - Ray Pasnen video | album: Change Your Mind

Train – Ray Pasnen – video – Official

The music video for ‘Train’ from the album ‘Change Your Mind’ by Ray Pasnen. That train don’t run by here no more.

Train – Ray Pasnen video | album: Change Your Mind

Gerry Chiverton – Electric guitar. Sarah Pasanen – Background vocals.

ISRC QMDA62226020 – UPC 197187005338


Written by: Everett Dumas

Electric Guitar: Gerry Chiverton

Female Vocalist: Sarah Pasanen

Cameraman: Dave Sparks

Photos (all used with permission)

Tanya Chasse
Kevin McAdam
Trever Turmel
James Perz
Jennifer Yerxa Fortin
Ryan Stevens
Michelle Adams Wallace
Scott MacKenzie
Paula Pray
Craig Campbell
Bonnie Dempsey Patchell
Mary & Mike Thompson
Debbie Miller Coon
Mike Majkowski
Aaron Shawn MacDonald
Judy Osnoe Fernald
Trina Newbury

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This video was created using Davinci Resolve.

Thank you to all the folks in Maine’s Katahdin Region and the late Great Northern Paper Company for the help in compiling this great collection of photos for the video!

Train – Lyrics – written by Everett Dumas

He’d ride his dropped, chopped banana bike through the monkey trails at night
He drank his first can of Bud up on Treasure Hill
He’d throw rocks down at the frog pond He used to get a thrill hopping on a train, hopping on a train
Now there’s rusty tracks and tall, gray grass growing up between the rails and empty cars. He says

The train don’t run by here no more
They just closed down the country store
And the mill shut down about a year before that
No the train don’t run by here no more

There’s footprints in the concrete where his father used stand
He followed in his shoes, making paper for the news.
He did his job with pride, it choked him up inside to be American, to be American
Now there’s no more smell of sulfur, no pulp trucks hauling logs and empty cars


Crooked politicians, whom we sent to represent.
Deals are made made, unfair trade meant for the one percent
They make the laws and bend ’em, Take the jobs and send ’em down to Mexico
They watch their profits soar, selling war, all while pointing fingers at the poor who have only empty cars because..


He loves this town his whole family’s in it’s sacred ground
Everybody gather ’round, the smokestack’s coming down…



Train – Ray Pasnen video