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Ray in The Maine Edge with Mike Dow

Maine native Ray Pasnen releases his first album in 30 years

January 12, 2022 – written by Mike Dow for The Maine Edge.

Ray Pasnen - Change Your Mind - Album cover
Ray Pasnen – Change Your Mind – Album cover

A singer, songwriter and musician with deep Maine roots has released his first album of new material since 1992. Ray Pasnen’s “Change Your Mind” features 12 new pop, country and country-rock songs from the Medway native who currently resides in Minden, Germany.

Maine and Atlantic Canada music fans remember Pasnen as frontman for the wildly popular band Choice. Ray’s natural charisma and powerfully dynamic voice contributed greatly to their success. Choice spent much of the 1990s canvassing the state to play most every bar and club, DAV and VFW hall and Elks Club to packed houses. The personalities of each band member, including that of guitarist Jack Swanson, kept Choice fans in stitches as they danced the night away.

Pasnen says his new album was a labor of love that he completed with help from a number of close friends and even the German government.

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I Know Why – 1988

I stumbled across a song demo from the late 80s as I was poking around my website. I figured I would make a new post and share it with you.

It’s called, “I Know Why.” After a listen, you may understand why it never hit the charts. Lol. It’s a pretty rough first draft of the song and there are a few hiccups but it’s worth a laugh. :)

This was produced by my buddy, Tony Daddabbo and features some great musicians. If I am not mistaken, I hear the guitar playing of Harold Greene on this one.

Ray Pasnen – Human Race – Free

Here is the ‘Human Race’ album. Stream it for free!

It was recorded in Boston, NYC and Millinocket, Maine and includes all original music. Lots of great musicians were included on the album. Including some friends from Berklee and old bandmates in Maine. Also, lots of thanks go out to some fine folks in NYC who made it possible to produce the album.

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“Once Isn’t Enough” By Ray Pasnen

The Hamlet Pub is in trouble, If you can, please donate now.

Donate Hamlet Pub
Donate to help the Hamlet Pub in East Millinocket, Maine. The owner is a great friend and all around great guy! It is going to be hard for small businesses like this to make it. And he needs a little help, right now. If you can, a donation would be appreciated!

“Once Isn’t Enough” lyrics

You say we shared a good thing but now we’re through.
These tears they sting my eyes but they don’t sting you.
I wanted to see you one last time I had so many things to fear.
I was afraid that you’d tell me you couldn’t be mine and that’s not what I wanted to hear.


Once isn’t enough. I need you for a lifetime, girl.
Once isn’t enough. When I’m with you I have the world.
You say we shared a good thing once but now we’re through
No, once isn’t enough, I still love you.

There’s so much I have to say to you I wish that you could see.
Ever since you ran away it’s been so hard on me.
Why did you have to leave me? Why did you go away?
You know I can’t stand to see you go so, baby, why don’t you stay?


I cry myself to sleep at night. Thinking about you.
I wish you’d give me a second chance to prove my love is true.


Copyright, Ray Pas.. a.. nen, yeah that’s it! 1987

Starting Out - Once Isn't Enough - Ray Pasnen - Album cassette cover jacket.
Once Isn’t Enough – Ray Pasnen – Album cassette cover jacket.

Ray Pasnen – Live in Bermuda – FREE

For a limited time only! Take it easy for an hour or so and give a listen to an evening of music from The Swizzle Inn in Bermuda circa 1999. Just me and a guitar, a few friends and a lot to drink.

*please be advised that there is some adult content on the album. It is not intended for children. It is an evening in a club known for its debauchery and late night dancing. :)

Ray Pasnen's Tip Cup.
Ray’s tip cup!

The album is set to automatically play in its entirety. If you would like to stop that, just click the (infinity) button on the player!

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Ray spielt Kneipennacht Minden 16.03.2019 – ANNO

🎧🎊 KNEIPENNACHT MINDEN! Sa, 16.03.2019 🎊🎧

Mit dabei ist ab 21:00 Uhr der tolle Musiker “Ray Pasnen” im “Anno” 🥳🌟 (Hufschmiede 27)

Ray Pasnen

In der Musik zu Hause
Ray Pasnen wieder auf Deutschland Tour!
‚Spaß haben’ ist das Lebensmotto des amerikanischen Musikers Ray Pasnen, der am …. bei der Kneipennacht in Minden spielen wird. Zum Spaß gehört für ihn untrennbar die Musik, aber auch Reisen und Freunde treffen.
Der aus Long Island, NY stammende Musiker, Gitarrist und Entertainer bringt diese drei Leidenschaften nun schon seit 1997 in Deutschland unter einen Hut – er besucht seine Freunde in aller Welt und gibt in deren Heimatstädten Konzerte.
“Nach Deutschland zu kommen, ist für mich immer als ob ich nach Hause komme”, sagt Pasnen selbst. Und das ist nicht nur so daher gesagt, denn der Multi Instrumentalist (Gitarre, Klavier, Saxophon) wurde 1968 in Kaiserslautern geboren, sein Vater war dort als Soldat der US-Armee stationiert.
Ray Pasnen spielt populären Rock, Pop, R&B und Country Classicer. Der heute in New York lebende Musiker beschreibt seinen Stil selbst als Crossover aus Pop und Country. Er studierte am Berkeley College of Music in Boston und gewann dort mehrere Auszeichnungen. Neben seiner Band Choice arbeitete er auch mit Größen wie Jonny Cash und der Charlie Daniels Band zusammen und tourte durch Europa, Japan, Süd Korea und den Bermudas.

Mehr Infos zum Programm der Nacht der Bands in Minden findet ihr unter…