Anything | lyrics | Ray Pasnen

Anything | lyrics

written by Ray E Pasanen (aka. Ray Pasnen)

Show me the road, I’ll follow.  Show me the mountain, I’ll climb.
Show me the sea to swim across.  Anything to make you mine.

If I had riches to offer.  Gold and jewels that shine.
Would you take it all as a gift from me? And then would you be mine?
Babe, would you be mine

I’d give anything to have you near me.
Anything to make you mine.
I’d walk through a burning hell if everything would fall in line.
I’d give the sky above me.
All of the stars that shine.
I’d give anything to make you mine.

I don’t think about the time I’ve wasted.  Worrying about the past.
Thinking of the loves I’ve had.  The ones that didn’t last.
Oh, babe, I want a love that will last.


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