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Choice – Maine band 90s

Choice? Wow.  Are you really looking for Choice?  The old band from Medway, East Millinocket and Millinocket, Maine?  It was a while ago but I guess some people still remember. :~)

From 1985 ’til 1997 (?) there was a band who entertained people all over Maine and a little bit in Canada.  This band was called Choice and they sometimes rocked and sometimes rolled. 

The band, would play at the Medway DAV hall, Millinocket Elks, Pamola Motor Lodge in Millinocket, Shin Pond Pub, Stacey’s Motel in Brewer, Lee Marlow’s Country Club in Campbellton, New Brunswick, Canada, Keddy’s in Presque Isle and many many more places.

Here are a few full sets of Choice performing… (if you would like to download the songs, no problem. Just click the download link to the right of the song titles.)

January 17, 1992 – Choice – Set 1 – Harry’s Place*

April 2, 1994 – Choice – Set 1 – Harry’s Place*

The band members changed rather frequently starting with a line up of only three members; Jeff Jandreau, Jude Ippoliti and Ray Pasanen. Along the way, Jude left and Peter “Skin” Byron joined. Then Jeff left and Jack Swanson and Mark Emerson joined in. When Mark had to leave for pharmaceutical training (not kidding), Joey Arsenal joined up with the boys. Then when Joey decided to settle down with a family, Steve came aboard to play the drums. 

Choice was well known, of course, in East Millinocket where their blue van could be seen outside of Burnt Land Rips Tavern on main Street for years at a time. :-)

Rest in peace, Jackie-boy.

Rest in peace, Jackie-boy.

Jack plays on Ray’s album.

Listen to Ray's last album.  A few songs were written with Jack.
Listen to Ray’s last album.
A few songs included had Jack as a writer.

*Harry’s Place is now called Highlands Tavern at Pamola Lodge.

Live music!

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