Forever Lost Its Meaning by Ray Pasnen

Forever Lost Its Meaning

Official lyrics by Ray E Pasnen (Pasanen)

It could be the saddest story ever told
After many years of love his hearts grown cold
And she sits alone in silence in the dark
‘Cause he didn’t leave alone, he took her heart

The window near the moon is glowing blue
As she dares to dream the dream that won’t come true
Her tears are only traces of the light
As she sits there on the darkness of the night

And she thinks…
How can anything last forever?
How can anything go so long being right?
She always thought he’d stay forever
But forever lost its meaning tonight

He’s been the only man she’s ever known
And it breaks her heart to think he won’t come home
She’s tried everything she knows to make him stay
And she wonders why it has to end this way


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