How to Post?

If you would like to post a new topic to the wall, just click ‘Register‘ and you will be allowed to “Post“.  You can then start a new discussion, add photos, videos, audio… You get the picture.  It is like a blog where everyone can start a discussion or comment on any discussion.  Every new discussion gets it’s own new page here on the site and all of the comments follow that first comment down the page.  However…

due to the huge amount of spammers out there, I must ask that each person who wants to contribute, please “Register” (make an account.)  It is totally free and I do it only so that we don’t have to look at a whole bunch of spam.

It is very easy – you don’t need to use your real name but you do need to use a real email address only to confirm your identity!

Here is the link to “Register

In the future, just look for the “Log In” link in the left column under the heading “Meta”.

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