I Have To Go lyrics - Jack Swanson Ray Pasnen

I Have To Go – Jack Swanson Ray Pasnen Lyrics

Well, I’m standin’ by the highway and I’m waitin’ for a ride
I got myself a bottle and a suitcase by my side
I ain’t holdin’ on to nothin’ and nothin’s got a hold on me

Well, there’s somethin’ ’bout a highway that always makes me smile
Somethin’ ’bout the time it takes to travel every mile
Somethin’ ’bout those big green signs and broken lines

Hold on tight girl we’re steppin’ out tonight
Wear that dress, the one you wore the other night
Hold my hand like you’ll never let it go
Just love me girl and then you know I have to go

There are places on the road where I can get myself a bite
And sometimes if I’m lucky I can even spend the night
They always seem to know me but they never seem to know my name

Big old tractor trailer speedin’ up to make the grade
Belchin’ smoke and whinin’ tires it’s 90 in the shade
The smell of that old diesel is just enough to get me high


Somewhere in the distance there’s an eagle takin’ flight
He’s got no destination, he’s just headin’ for the light
I wish I was an eagle over mountains I would soar
And all these foolish things that people fight for wouldn’t matter anymore.

A car pulls up beside me and I throw my case in back
I hand the man a bottle and I say my name is Jack
He asks me where I’m headin’ and I say off to hell and back

I look out at the sunset my reflection in the glass
And staring right back at me is a man without a past
A man without a future, a man whose only time is now


You know I have to go, I have to go.
Oh, you know I have to go.

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