German translation of the IRS Form 1040

IRS form 1040 translated German – Not an accountant!

IRS form 1040 translated German – I was asked by a finance authority in Germany for a translation of the IRS form 1040 in German. Apparently, it didn’t ever exist. Until now. By reading further, you agree not to sue anyone who has ever had an association with this page.

I just ran a .pdf of the 1040 form from the IRS website through an online .pdf translator and came out with this. I am not an accountant, lawyer or Übersetzer (my German is quite poor:). It is simply an online translation. It is in no way official or associated with the irs except as an amateur attempt to solve a problem. I will let you know if it is acceptable… (Update: It was acceptable.)

IRS Form 1040 translated into German

This is not financial or tax advice. It should not replace consulting an actual accountant or lawyer. It is simply something I couldn’t find online and thought, I know, I will put this translation of the IRS Form 1040 into the German Language on my website so others can find it easily.

I have submitted it and will let everyone know if it is accepted by the German tax authorities. It is due the first week of January, 2021. If I don’t think to update, I have turned on comments. Please feel free to remind me. IRS1040 translated German – (Update: It was acceptable.)

And once again: no lawsuits please. I am a poor guitar player who wants to ease others burdens.

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