Ray Pasnen live on Martinitreppe in Minden, Germany. July 13, 2019. Photos by: Heiko Hachmeister - www.hachmeister-Fotografie.de - Facebook: Hachmeister-Fotografie - Instagram: Hachmeister.fotografie — at Martinitreppe.

Last Last Chance

Last Last Chance official lyrics by Ray Pasnen (Pasanen)

It was a night out with the boys I won’t forget
Right up ’til the time that I got hit.
But when I called her from the jail
To come and throw my bail
She told me, “Listen, boy, now this is it.”

On the way home in the truck she said to me,
“You’re not half the man I hoped you’d be.
You don’t pay attention to
The things I need from you.
And I hope you’re not inclined to disagree.

I got my last last chance last night
It’s time to change my ways and treat her right.
If I’m not what she needs
She’ll have to set me free
I got my last last chance last night

Now, honey, take my hand and dry your eyes.
It’s just a rowdy night out with the guys.
But now those days are through.
I’ll stay right here with you.
And I promise here and now it ain’t no lie.


Now, I don’t see no reason for this heartache.
For just a night out drinking with my friends.
But I don’t want to have to see your heart break.
So I’ll be here beside you until I make amends.

Chorus 2x

Featured image (black & white) by Heiko Hachmeister. Danke!

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