She’s The Lady lyrics – Ray Pasnen

When I saw her in the darkness across the dancefloor
I knew that I needed no one else
And I knew that would hold her from then forever more
And I was lost in feelings that I felt

So I took her to the altar and made of her my wife
I knew with her I could not do me wrong
I learned more about the lady as we shared our life
And this was where we always had belonged

‘Cause she’s the lady that I dream of
She’s there when I call
And she holds me when I stumble
And never let’s me fall
If I had to live without her my life would fall apart
She’s the lady that I want to have my heart

If I had to start all over I’d do it all the same
I’d always have her here inside my arms
We could live right here forever and never have to change
Our love burning brighter than the stars

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