Talk It Over lyrics – Ray Pasnen

Lately I’ve been getting strange vibrations
Maybe you don’t love me anymore
Baby we could try communication
It could helps us open up some doors

There’s miles and miles of emptiness between us
And times we’ve been together and alone
We may as well put up an iron wall between us
For the amount of love and tenderness we’ve shown

We’ve got to find some common ground
So we can turn this thing around
The place where we should meet
Well it’s right between the sheets
We’ll talk it over in bed (Talk it over)
In bed (Talk it over)
Instead (Talk it over)
In bed (Talk it over)
Tell me what to do, I’ve got to get in touch with
we’ll talk it over in bed

The problems that we share could be behind us
If we could meet somewhere together face to face
It seems we’ve lost the ties that used to bind us
We’ve got to get ’em back no matter what it takes


Guitar solo

(The things I’d like to do I’d love to do to you)

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