The Child In You And Me | lyrics | Ray Pasnen

The Child In You And Me | lyrics

written by Ray Pasanen (aka. Ray Pasnen)

Back when I was younger, all I had to know
Was what I could do each day and just where I could go.
Now things are changing.  My life is rearranged.
No matter what I do or say, nothing seems the same.

Restlessness is growing.  I can’t stand it anymore.
Like a game that’s played a thousand times I’ll even out the score.
I can’t understand it.  Why does it seem wrong?
I should be standing proud and strong.

My eyes are opening and looking at the door
I just can’t stay here anymore.
But I’d be lying if I said I long to leave
‘Cause nothing can change the child in you and me.

And, oh, how I wish I could turn back the hands of time.
But my friends have gone and left me all alone inside my mind.
And now my childhood lives only in my past.
And I know my innocence is never gonna last


I know I’ve felt this way nearly a million times
But I’m just waiting for something that will give me peace of mind..


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