The Dance of a Lifetime

Official words and music by Ray Pasnen (Pasanen)

Intro: (Guitar)  A9maj7 D9 A9maj7 D9

A9                      D9/A      A9                            D9/A
Could I have this dance?     Would you take that chance with me?
A9                          D9/A A9                         D9/A
We’ll move with the band   ’cause that’s how it has to be
D9 E9/D                    C#m7 F# D9 E9/D                      C#m7 F#
Its more than just your laughter and more than just your tears
              Bm7         C#m7 D     D9    D/E
That will make you irresistible to me for years

Could I have this dance? Sometimes I love this song.
And sometimes I don’t, but still the band plays on.
With you here in my arms. I know I’ve done it right
So let’s make this whole thing last for more than just one night

             A             D               A E/G#
     Let’s share the dance of a lifetime
                F#m7             C#m7              Bm7                  D9/E
     Let me be the one to hold when the night is drawing near
     C#m7                 F#                                  Bm7   A             G9
     Show me all the steps you’ve learned and I can show you mine
                     Bm7        D9/E (intro…)
     And we’ll share the dance of a lifetime

Could I have this dance? Maybe everything will stay the same.
Just take my hand and I’ll hold you through the last refrain.
Don’t worry ’bout tomorrow, all those simple things will fall in line.
The only thing we’re sure we have is ample time.

into chorus(to share…)

The Dance of a Lifetime – Ray Pasnen

Live music!

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