The Song of Broken People lyrics. Swanson/Pasnen

The Song of Broken People lyrics Swanson/Pasnen

On the outside she looks normal reserved and rather formal
with a smile that’s like a candle in the dark.
And you pray that on the inside there’s a woman who would stand by any man
When all his visions fall apart

Her eyes are like the skies before an early morning rain
Her voice is like the misty mountain dew
But her words are sad and empty yet still they seem to tempt me
For the only voice I hear is in my heart

She sings the song of broken people
They come and go it’s all the same
She holds the key to your survival
And she turns it every time she says your name

She talks of love so bravely but she stands on feet of clay
She takes a drink to wash it all away
In the end there’s only sorrow as she thinks about tomorrow
For another man, another lonely day
Another man and another lonely day

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