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Change Your Mind

A rough mix of the songs from the upcoming Ray Pasnen album.


Here are some songs that are currently in production for my new album. Some written by me, alone, some in collaboration, and some are written by friends of mine. Thanks to Vinnie Ferrone, Everett Dumas and Mike Barry for graciously allowing me to record a couple of their songs, each. I have been talking to each of them about covering some of their tunes for years and, now, the project is finally off the ground.

Big thanks are also due to one of my best buddies ever, Jack Swanson, for collaborating on four of these songs. Jack passed away at the end of 2020 but he will never be forgotten by those of us who knew and loved him. That is Jack playing acoustic guitar on ‘I Don’t Think You Love Me At All.’ I just used the original song demo that we recorded in 2006 with Nat Ives. I hope this project will be introducing him to new fans for years to come. Rest in peace, buddy. See you soon.

Thanks also to Gerry Chiverton for contributing his lead guitar skills to the project. Gerry and I have worked together in The Ray Pasnen Band (in Germany) for several years and have always had a lot of fun with our time together. That has carried over into the studio, as I knew it would. Just listen to his licks. Any power chords, electric leads or fills and acoustic leads that you hear are all Gerry.

Thanks to Jan Philip Buchholz for playing Saxophone on All Is Well. It is a great addition to a great song. I hope to get him back in before the publishing date to play a bit more.

Thank you to my wife, Sarah, for her contribution to the recording process. Any female voices you hear, such as, on Hug Me, Change Your Mind or Rain, Rain, are hers. Thanks for being so giving with your time, my darling.

I have opened up the comment section at the bottom of this page, if you would like to leaving a helpful critique or just comment on one of the songs, etc… I’m not really looking for anyone to review the work as it is still in production. But, if you have something that you think might improve a song, please leave a comment, below in the comments section.

There is no download option. As these are only in production, I would like it if they are not shared from device to device. For now, you can only hear them here at this page. Sometime around Christmas, it will be available at all the online streaming services, online retailers, etc. Until then, if you want to hear them, come on back to this page. BTW – you WILL notice the songs changing daily. A tambourine here, a shaker there, a little sprinkle of fairy dust over there, etc. Lol. So, whatever you do, don’t grow too attached to any of these songs in their current state. :)

Change Your Mind - song - music by Ray Pasnen Jack Swanson
Change Your Mind – song – music by Ray Pasnen Jack Swanson
Change Your Mind - song - music by Ray Pasnen Jack Swanson
Change Your Mind – song – music by Ray Pasnen Jack Swanson

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